Maple mushroom cornbread and other edible oddities for Woodland Foods


Candy cap mushroom and maple cornbread

Herbed socca (chickpea flatbread) with tapenade and goat cheese

Creamy tomato penne with bolete mushrooms and asparagus

Senate bean soup

Masoor dal tarka (red lentil curry)

Finally sharing some images I styled for my client Woodland Foods, an all-natural specialty food ingredient wholesaler that is celebrating its 25th year in business by launching a brand new website (coming soon!). Woodland brought me on for a multi-phase project, overhauling their owned content pertaining to the 1100+ specialty food products they sell — from the commonplace to the obscure. That meant researching and writing copy about everything from Spanish saffron and habanero chiles to eye of the goat beans, freekeh and candy cap mushrooms (which, believe it or not, smell and taste a lot like maple syrup!). If it sounds like a food-obsessive’s dream, you’re right.

Once the product copy was squared away, I dove into recipes, working hand-in-hand with Woodland Foods’ exceptional in-house culinary team. This phase of the project lasted for more than a year, and together we created hundreds of recipes showcasing Woodland’s incredibly diverse inventory of products, ranging from beans and legumes to dried chiles, fruit and mushrooms, to rice in every shape and hue imaginable.

Finally, we needed beautiful images to accompany those recipes. I worked in a consulting capacity with Chef Michael Shrear and freelance photographer Nick Kindelsperger to guide the overall look and feel of the recipe photography, ensuring that the images were not just beautiful, but true to brand. I also developed a styling guide that the brand can use moving forward to ensure their food photography remains consistent with the parameters we laid out.

Oh, and that maple mushroom cornbread? Crazy good.

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