Emilie Zanger is a Bay Area-based culinary creative consultant and certified chef. She offers services in food styling, recipe development, culinary television production, and food writing and content development.

She found her way into the culinary world via journalism, as well as hospitality public relations. She received her culinary training at Chicago’s Kendall College, after completing a B.A. in English at Northwestern University and working for nearly six years in hospitality public relations and marketing at Wagstaff Worldwide, where she represented top-tier chefs, restaurants, culinary events, cookbooks, and more. Her background also includes more than a decade of editorial experience, both full-time and freelance.

She has worked on projects as diverse as developing and testing recipes for food companies and publications, styling still and video shoots for well-known and emerging brands, and managing culinary production for nationally televised cooking shows. Her well-rounded background means she brings to every project a chef’s creativity, an editor’s eye, a PR pro’s media savvy, and an enduring passion for and curiosity about food.

To discuss partnering with Emilie on a project, please reach out to emiliezanger@gmail.com or 847.772.9784.

Photo collaborators: Thanks to Chow Town Studios, Galdones Photography, Jason Robert Scott PhotographyErica Gannett Photography and Nick Kindelsperger for shooting the images on this website, and to Gwen Lemos for her prop styling on some shots.